Homocysteine and depression of mood in the ageing brain

  • P A De Valdoleiros
Keywords: depression, homocysteine, methylation cycle


The ageing brain should be a treasure of wisdom, practical insight, and spiritual revelation. In practice, it often falters under the weight and pressures of what we call depression. A myriad of causative factors conspires to deny the ageing brain hope, clarity, and life. These include life experiences and expectations, work and leisure environments, belief systems, as well as individual dietary, genetic, physiological factors, and dysfunctional body systems. In this short flyover, I would like to consider the role of elevated homocysteine levels in the pathogenesis of depression. We will introduce homocysteine briefly, consider the accepted normal levels, and end by reviewing the simple strategy to lower elevated homocysteine levels, and benefit from improved molecular functioning and subsequent increased mental health. 

Author Biography

P A De Valdoleiros

Private Practice, South Africa

Vantage Point