Menopause is not a disease – grasping the hormonal changes that induce menopause requires a prior understanding of the physiology of the menstrual cycle

  • P A De Valdoleiros
Keywords: menopause, hormonal changes


This is the first of a number of articles on menopause and the primary purpose of this series is to place questions in your mind and lead you to ponder about long-held suppositions and the extent of their validity, so that you may serve patients in a more meaningful way. As we set out, it is evident that the volume constraints imposed by this manner of communication place limitations on how deep and wide one may go. I will not  answer every question that arises as you read – that would require a semester course. I will endeavour to set out the basics, engage your curiosity and desire for understanding, and hence, set you on your way to follow the evidence to wherever it may lead you. Let the adventure begin.

Author Biography

P A De Valdoleiros

Private practice, Cape Town, South Africa